Section “Bioengineering esophagus in non-human primates”

Organized with the support of the Grant №14-45-00018 of the RSF.

Time                               Section topic

15.00 — 15.20                 Jungebluth Philipp (Heidelberg  University Hospital) : “Biological esophageal scaffolds: quo vadis?”.
15.20 – 15.40                Parak Wolfgang (Marburg University, Germany): «Nanoparticles and stem cells, a powerful combination?».
15.40 — 15.55                Mikhail Mavlikeev (BioReM, Kazan Federal University): «Shortcomings of biological tissue engineered esophageal                                                       transplantations in rodents».
15.55 — 16.10                Kitaeva Kristina (BioReM, Kazan Federal University): «Gender-differences of adipose and bone marrow derived                                                           multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells. Potential implications in tissue engineering»
16.10 — 16.25                Titova Angelina (BioReM, Kazan Federal University): «Mesenchymal stromal microvescicles for cell esophageal seeding».
16.25 — 16.40                Feliu Torres Neus (Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany): «The development of using of nanoparticles for                                                                 bioengineering esophagus».
16.40 — 17.00                Chvalun Sergei (NRC “Kurchatov Institute): «Bioartificial materials for tissue engineering the oesophagus: 3D topography                                           and biomechanics».
17.00 — 17.15                Arkhipova Svetlana (BioRem): «In vitro biocompatibility study of a new bioartificial scaffold for oesophageal tissue                                                           engineering».
17.15 — 17.30                Salafutdinov Ilnur (BioReM, Kazan Federal University): «In vitro evaluation of vasculogenesis and angiogenesis of a new                                             bioartificial material for esophagus tissue engineering».
17.30 — 17.45                Bit Arindam (National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India): «Enhanced cryopreservation of MSCs in microfludic                                                       bioreactor by regulated shear flow».
17.45 — 18.05                Paolo Macchiarini (BioReM, Kazan Federal University): «First outcome of tissue-engineered  transplantation of                                                             bioartificial scaffold in non human primates».